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Members of the “MAGYAR” Project:
The S.A.L.T. Hungary co-founder & sea-captain, one of the last few Hungarian naval architects and the chairman of the Society for Maritime History and Tradition, a famous sculptor & painter artist, and of course, trainers…

The S.A.L.T. Hungary team

Hungary has a rich maritime history. In spite of it is a landlocked country today, always had seagoing ships, fleets and ports, maritime education in nautical colleges and excellent seamen. One thing was missing: a sailing training ship…

Last time the Hungarian Adriatic Society planned a national sail training ship (with barkentine rig) “for education of schoolchildren, scientific researches, …” in 1911, but WWI swept away this initiative.

After one hundred years S.A.L.T. Hungary drawn up the plan again to build a Class A tall ship to be a link in time between the past, present and future, and in place between Hungarian (living anywhere in the world) and foreign people.


The first two steps have done to reach our goal: each of us put down one euro to be a golden basement of finance, and our expert team created the preliminary plans of the first Hungarian Tall Ship:



named after the forefather of the Hungarian nation. Sons of their venerable father Nimrod, Magyar and Hunor arrived to the Carpathian Basin more then 1000 years ago, following the Magic Deer, who led them to their new home.

Hungarian Magic Deer


The ship includes update technical innovations, preserves traditional craftsmanship and she is herself an art creation. The characteristics of the ship:

  • Sparred Length:  56 m (183′ 9″)
  • Length of Hull: 45 m (147′ 8″)
  • Breadth: 8,30 m (27′ 3″)
  • Draft (max): 2,90 m (9′ 6″)
  • Displacement (max): 360 tons
  • Hull material: steel
  • Masts height: 32 m (105 ft)
  • Masts: wood
  • Sail Area (regular): 730 sqm (7858 sq ft) – 10 fore-and-aft sails, 3 square sails
  • Sail Area (max., with passatsail): 848 sqm (9128 sq ft) – + 1 passat sail
  • Rig: threemasted topsail schooner
  • Sail-carrying ability number: 3,8
  • Engine: hybrid, 400 HP
  • Max speed under sails (theoretical): 15,4 knots
  • Crew: 10 pax
  • Trainees: abt. 30 pax
  • Flag: Hungarian
  • Home port: Budapest
  • Class: A


The ship’s ornamentation is designed by Gábor Markovics, well-known Hungarian painter and sculptor.

He dreamed the galionfigure would be the Magic Golden Deer, and the ornaments continue from his antler. The same ancient Hungarian pattern is presented on the stern.

The ship’s logo has the same design.


Our main goal is providing the best sail training opportunity for Hungarian youth for


The ship will be an ambassador of Hungarian culture, language and gastronome.

She will popularize and propagate Hungaricums.

She will proudly fly the Hungarian flag all over the oceans, and takes a small piece of Hungary for so many Hungarian people living around the world.

Sailing on wonderful waters of the Adriatic and all over the world, sail training for youth (highlighted program: Sail Training against Cancer), education for marine students and scouts, caring Hungarian maritime heritage, prepare scientific researches and environmental protecting expeditions, racing on tall ship’s events, presenting on international cultural and sport events and charter.


Constructed by University of Technology, Budapest

Built by traditional shipbuilding yard in Budapest and an open-sight carpenter’s shop temporary built on Danube River bank to be able to visit it by anyone

Launched on River Danube and sail to Netherland to finalize

Used  materials made in Hungary mainly

Ornamented by a famous Hungarian artist, used ancient Hungarian decorative motifs

Built by Hungarian craftsmen and workers

Assisted by Hungarian volunteers…


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